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Grifo de agua para bandeja. Reyvarsur.

Dispensing equipment

Reyvarsur: All you need for draft beer, wine and cider on tap dispensing equipment.

Since the birth of the company in 1974, Reyvarsur has been operating two strategic business units. One unit, Reyvarsur Dispensing, designs, manufactures and markets products for dispensing beer and other carbonated beverages at a national and international level. The other unit, Reyvasur Transmission, offers integral solutions in the field of mechanical and electronic transmission for Spanish customers.

The strategy of the company has always been known for making investments that have enabled it to increase productivity and enhance manufacturing processes to compete with both high quality and competitive market prices. With a strong fighting spirit and a persistent effort to achieve optimal management, Reyvarsur is today, after 40 years of experience, a leader in the Spanish market.

As a result of our streamlined organizational structure and our highly-qualified technical staff, Reyvarsur offers a fast reaction response rate to customer needs.

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Since its beginnings, Reyvarsur has always believed for technician training as the safest and most direct path to establish long-term relationships with his customers. With different topics, difficulty levels and durations; our workshops are normally taught at our facilities since most involve practices… Read more


After 40 years in the transmission market, Reyvarsur is now widely known in Andalusia as a leading company in the distribution of gearboxes and mechanical drives.


With 40 years of experience Reyvarsur is one of the main Spanish suppliers of draught beer equipment. Traditionally we were specialized in beer taps and dispense heads but thanks to our spirit of improvement today we offer a wide product range, including fittings and product testing systems. Developing new products… Read more
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